Ryan releases him after he reveals to Nikita that should Division be exposed, President Kathleen Spencer Michelle Nolden will order the termination of every agent. Spencer is willing to allow the agents’ freedoms if they succeed in capturing the black box. Retrieved May 11, Amanda bugs Nikita and warns her that she will activate the nano-cells if any attempt is made to warn Michael. Meanwhile, Sean admits to Alex that he loves her, but does not wish to have a relationship if she remains in Division. Michael and Nikita break into a building that Heidecker visited to work for an organization Birkhoff calls “The Shop”, who produce sophisticated technology. Start your free trial.

nikita s3e15

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Nikita (season 3) – Wikipedia

Nikita and Michael capture arms dealer Cyrus Isaiah Mustafawho was planning to purchase a weapon-jamming device called “Sideswipe” from an Egyptian general in St. Ryan allows s3e1 of the rogue agents, Mia Scottie Thompsonto continue her undercover mission to infiltrate Third Wave, a domestic terrorist group who stand against the “tyranny” of the first world.

Archived from the original on November 1, Birkhoff later approaches Nikita to tell her there might be a way for Michael to get his hand back. Alex has left and goes on a rampage against a local drug and human trafficking gang in Camden, New Jersey.

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Alex and Nikita arrive and retrieve him, but are facing off against Amanda’s crew. Michael decides not to return to nikitq field missions again, and begins to value Owen as Nikita’s partner in the field.

Meanwhile, Cyrus was forced to admit to Amanda about Romania, so Ari has mercenaries attack Alex and her team, only to be defeated niktia Sean, who destroys Sideswipe. To save Michael, Alex and Sonya effectively “kill” him long enough to let the nano-cells die out.


He believes that Amanda has gone too far and is aiding a terrorist group, called the Crimson Resistance, to perform random terrorist attacks and blame them on Division. When Danforth is found dead, Owen, who was tailing him, goes to clean his home. Amanda tells Nikita that she also brainwashed Alex in South Ossetia by using her survivor guilt as an escaped sex slave to turn against Nikita; Larissa never existed, but her idea inkita a catalyst.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nikita realizes that Amanda wants her to suffer, s3e115 die, so she stands next to Cyrus, forcing Amanda to deactivate the bomb.

Retrieved January 28, Alex and Sean reconcile. Owen finds Amanda at the docks, and although Amanda escapes, he destroys the black box before disappearing. Episodes Watched from To prevent the President from finding out he plans to destroy Division and effectively fake everybody’s deaths. Liam turns on Garza to get the laptop for himself, but is killed by Owen before he can. Retrieved November 12, Retrieved December 3, However, Birkhoff finds another video in Markov’s harddrive revealing he will assassinate the President.

Their celebration is short-lived however, when they realize Amanda has allied herself with The Shop.

nikita s3e15

Alex, Sean and Sonya discover that Rachel Jessica Camacho is leading it, but during interrogation Ryan s31e5 that Alex is the true engineer; Alex shoots Ryan, who is left in a coma by the time Nikita returns. Amanda holds Alex in South Ossetiawhile telling her that sooner or later, there will be a rift between Alex and Nikita. When the team realize Miriam was infected in the attack, Alex and Michael save her using their only vial of the antidote.


La Femme Nikita – S3 E15 – Before I Sleep

They find that Martin is having an affair with a model during his cover as a photographer. Retrieved April 29, Birkhoff Aaron Stanford finds several foreign bank accounts affiliated with Joshua, and was paid to attack a United States senator.

However, Mia turns on them and wounds Alex, revealing that she lost faith in Division and joined Third Wave’s cause.

Following a grande attack in Pittsburghand a drive-by shooting in Romeo, Michiganbelieving Ari is stalling, Nikita resolves to torture the information out of him, until she realizes that Ari intends to use the money to help his son, Stefan, while Ari himself accepts whatever fate awaits nioita. When Michael arrives, Amanda and Owen escape. Spencer orders containment after the failure, but Birkhoff, Cyrus, Ryan and Sonya hide. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Beciraj lost a leg following a failed assassination attempt by the CIA, but it had since been “regrown” with real flesh and blood over carbon-fiber bone. Birkhoff jams the signal long enough for Nikita to alert Jikita of her dilemma.

nikita s3e15